Cheese of the week: Epoisses Berthaut


This week, we head back to France-to Burgundy, specifically- in order to highlight one of its best known and highly lauded cheeses: Epoisses.  Crafted since 1956 by Berthaut, and thus called “Epoisses Berthaut”, this treasure was originally developed and made by monks in the 16th Century and the recipe passed down through the ages.  Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, each small wheel is hand-ladled, washed with salt water brine, and then finished with washings of Marc de Bourgogne, a French apple brandy.  Its flavor is unexpectedly subtle and sweet given its intensely colorful and aromatic- some rightfully say funky- rind and the texture is simply gooey goodness.  Use a spoon to cut through the moist, pungent rind and you’ll find a creamy center that is perfectly spreadable and delicious.  Pair this cheese with a red or white wine from Burgundy and prepare to be amazed.