Cheese of The Week: Fat Toad Farm Chèvres

Located in Brookfield, Vermont, Fat Toad Farm is a small family farm which hand crafts delicious farmstead pasteurized goats’ milk chèvres (fresh cheeses).  Several small batches are made each week and each time the process takes 24 hours from start to finish.  The herd’s diet changes with the seasons, resulting in slight changes in the cheeses’ flavor, but they always remain luscious, mild, and versatile.  In fact, what makes Fat Toad Farm’s chèvres stand apart from others is their remarkably gentle flavor, unbelievably velvety texture, and inspired flavors: fresh plain, maple, sundried tomato and basil, olive lovers’, and ginger cilantro sesame.  Add the fresh chèvre to a summer salad, try the maple in a cheesecake recipe, include the sundried tomato and basil in your favorite pasta dish, top off bruschetta with the olive lovers’ , or dollop the ginger cilantro sesame onto grilled fish.  These are only a few suggestions: with all the variety Fat Toad Farm has to offer, you can see they really have something for everyone.