Cheese of the week: French Raclette


As much as we adore our locally-crafted cheeses (and we do, we really do), we thought we’d share the spotlight this week with some of the very fine imported cheeses we’re happy to offer; specifically, with the classic French cheese called Raclette.  A traditional raw cow’s milk cheese made in the Alpine region on both sides of the French-Swiss border, French Raclette is known for being an incredibly tasty melting cheese.  In fact, the traditional way of serving Raclette is to place a half-wheel in front of the fireplace and regularly scrape out the gooey goodness as it melts (and of course, an oven works just as well for those of you sans fireplaces).  Those melted portions can then be spread over sliced meats, boiled potatoes, fresh or pickled vegetables, or slices of a good toasted pain au levain.  Raclette has a washed rind exterior which adds a pleasantly musty and only mildly pungent characteristic to the cheese, elevating its already sweet and nutty flavor to something a bit more complex.  As such, it also serves as an excellent table cheese to accompany any hearty meal, particularly when paired with a Pinot Noir, Grenache, or Syrah wine.  Bon appétit!