Cheese of the week: Invierno from Vermont Shepherd


Finally: Winter seems to have arrived!  What better time to feature a cheese named for the season?  Invierno (“winter” in Spanish) is a locally-made raw sheep’s and cow’s milk cheese crafted by Vermont Shepherd, also known as Major Farm, in Putney,Vermont.  To make this seasonal cheese, owners and cheesemakers David and Yesenia Ielpi Major blend milk from their own herd of ewes with Jersey cow milk sourced from only a mile down the road.  Both milks are rich in protein and good fats but they each lend unique flavors to the cheese; the sheep’s milk tending to be nuttier and earthier and the cow’s milk, sweeter.  The wheels are cave-aged for 4-5 months before being sent out, allowing the natural rind to form, which brings an additional layer of flavor.  In the end, it’s a semi-firm cheese which tastes nutty, mushroom-y, and sweet, making it a versatile option for pairing (although it pairs particularly well with deep red wines and brown ales) and its texture lends itself both to simple cutting but also to melting.  We think you’ll love enjoying this winter cheese while you’re welcoming Winter itself!