Cheese of the week: Landaff


What happens when you bring a New Hampshire-made cheese, inspired by a Welsh classic, to a Vermontaging facility?  You get the New England treasure known as Landaff.  Created by Landaff Creamery in Landaff, NH, and aged at the Cellars at Jasper Hill, this raw farmstead cow’s milk cheese is based on a Welsh Caerphilly recipe (cheesemaker Doug Erb used the recipe he was taught by Chris Duckett and Jemima Cordle in Somerset, England as the inspiration for this cheese) and they share similar characteristics: they’re both semi-firm cheeses with an open texture and nice edible rinds.  Landaff’s flavor, however, is purely derived from its New England homes- both where the cheese is crafted, in the foothills of the White Mountains, and aged, in the heart of the Greens.  Its flavor is fresh, mild, and a little tangy with a buttery texture and a clean finish.  It melts beautifully, bringing a pleasantly light yet creamy flavor to any dish (we highly recommend it atop any burger of your choice, be it veggie, turkey, or beef) but has enough flavor to play a role on a cheese board, too!