Cheese of the Week: Lillé

Recently, we were privileged to attend this year’s Vermont Cheesemakers Festival at Shelburne Farms ( and while there, had the good fortune to eat an abundance of locally-crafted cheeses and meet many of the cheesemakers themselves.  We were thrilled to encounter the Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co. and their delicious cheeses, including the coulommiers-style called Lillé, which we feature this week.  Considered by many to be the “ancestor of brie”, coulommiers is a soft-ripened bloomy rind cheese with a thicker rind, richer paste, and nuttier taste than brie, and Lillé is a sublime example.  Made by the Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co., the community-owned dairy and cheesemaking operation of South Woodstock, VT, Lillé is produced using milk from cows whom are proudly considered to be part of the family and community; the nurturing of and affection for the cows is reflected in the full, rich flavor of this hand-crafted cheese.  Sturdy yet delicate, Lillé can be served as an hor d’ouvre with a thinly-sliced crusty French bread or as a dessert with berries, grapes, pears or apples.