Cheese of the Week: Orb Weaver Farmhouse Cheese

When farmers use milk exclusively from their own cows to make cheese, it’s called “farmhouse cheese.” That’s what Marjorie Susman and Marian Pollack of New Haven, Vermont have been doing at their ‘Orb Weaver’ farm since 1982. The raw milk used to make this cheese comes from happy Jersey cows. The Jersey milk helps in making a rich cheese with a slightly tangy and full bodied flavor. More moist than a cheddar, this Farmhouse Cheese has a natural buttery color and smooth, creamy texture. The cheeses are produced simply and in the European tradition. They stir, form, and date-stamp each wheel by hand – not using mechanical stirrers or hydraulic presses. The wheels are then age for a few months and, since the ladies do everything their selves, quantities are limited. They make cheese from November through May. The cows are given a break every summer to graze the beautiful Vermont countryside while the ladies tend to their amazing organic gardens while practicing sustainable farming. This cheese is delicious right off the wheel with a glass of wine, melts beautifully to complement any recipe, brings grilled cheese sandwiches to new heights, and distinctively tops nachos and pizza.