Cheese of the Week: Rupert

Rupert is an award-winning cheese (American Cheese Society 2009) crafted by hand in West Pawlet, Vermont by the cheesemakers at Consider Bardwell Farm, Vermont’s first cheese-making cooperative dating back to 1864.  Inspired by the great European cheeses Gruyère and Comté, it stands out among Vermont’s exceptional selection of raw cow’s milk alpine-style cheeses.  Made from Jersey cow’s milk and prepared in small batches, it is a rich, dense, hard cheese that begs to be savored.  Because the cows are raised on organic pastures and graze in a field rotation system, the flavor of the cheese is heavily influenced by the prime and changing diet of the cows.  The flavor is therefore complex: grassy, floral, sweet, sharp, nutty, and a touch piquant.  This cheese is also vegetarian-friendly, since animal rennet is not used in the cheesemaking process.