Cheese of the week: Saint André


We felt like delving into some decadence this week and to that end, we’ve decided to showcase one of the most decadent cheeses available: St. André from France.  For some, this is the first cheese which comes to mind when they think of a dessert cheese and for others, it’s not even on the radar; regardless of where you stand, we’re hoping to bring a new appreciation for this amazing cheese.  This cake-like wheel of buttery deliciousness is a pasteurized triple cream cow’s milk wonder from the Normandy region of France and is named for its producer, the St. André Creamery.  It has a fuzzy, almost powdery, velvety-looking exterior layer which covers a soft, edible bloomy rind, which in turn surrounds a center so dense it looks and feels like fresh butter.  The flavor itself is extremely buttery (hoorah for 75% butterfat!) but also sweet and a little salty.  If you’re serving it as dessert, it pairs nicely with a light rosé, a sparkling white wine, or a light and fruity ale.  If you’re feeling rather decadent yourself, enjoy it as part of your main meal by adding it in small pieces to salads, whipping it and using it like cream cheese- in mashed potatoes, in the filling of stuffed mushroom caps, etc.- or by layering slices between roasted chicken and vegetables.  Oh go on, you deserve to know this cheese.