Cheese of the Week: Springbrook Raclette

Although Springbrook Farm, located in Reading, VT, is better known for their alpine-style Tarentaise cheese, they more recently turned to that mountainous region for inspiration and came away with their Reading Raclette.  Debuting in 2010, this farmstead cheese is a marriage of the Swiss Alps and the Green Mountains as the recipe is a Swiss and French classic but the raw Jersey cow’s milk and handcrafting is pure Vermont.  Sporting a bright pink washed rind and a buttery yellow-white interior, it has a fruity and nutty flavor with a semi-soft, solid texture.  It makes a beautiful melting cheese and contributes something special to a gratin, portobello mushroom sandwich, or grilled vegetable panini.  As always, funds from the sale of this cheese go toward their Farms for City Kids Foundation: