Cheese of The Week: Summertomme


Summertomme is a sheep’s milk cheese that is made in small 8oz rounds at Willow Hill Farm.  This is a small diversified farm that was established in Milton, VT in 1991 and is run by a husband and wife team.  They hand craft award winning cow and sheep’s milk cheeses that are aged in an underground cave right at the farm.  The style of Summertomme cheese resembles the French cheese Brin d’Amour.  This is a bloomy rind style cheese that is coated in amazing herbal crust.  It is Provence in nature with rich buttery notes and an almost floral finish.  This is great cheese to pick up for your next summer picnic.  Have it with a nice crusty baguette and some crisp white wine.  A perfect ending to a summer night.