Cheese of the week: Taylor Farm’s Maple Smoked Gouda


What could be better than a farmstead cheese handmade with care right here in Vermont?  A farmstead cheese that’s smoked with Vermont maple wood, of course, and one of the best examples around is Taylor Farm’s Maple Smoked Gouda.  This award-winning raw Holstein and Jersey cow’s milk cheese is crafted in Londonderry,Vermont on an almost 200-yr old working dairy farm and the cheesemakers are proud to be the only  local Gouda producers.  Using the recipe for their original Farmstead Gouda, the wheels are smoked using maple wood, waxed, and aged over two months before sale.  It is a moist, creamy, semi-firm cheese with the characteristic Gouda“eyes” and a complex, sweet, farmy flavor which is not overwhelmingly smokey.  In fact, one of the aspects of this cheese we appreciate most is that the smokey flavor is by no means overpowering; instead, it simply adds a different and deeper dimension to the already flavorful Gouda.  As such, this cheese is very versatile, adding a little something extra to baked dishes (it melts supremely well) or being a unique part of a dessert tray.