Coffee Love!

Coffee is one of my true loves…I’ve said it before, “coffee is like my religion!” And that’s why I was super happy to learn that HL was working on its own line of coffees, available under our name, available only at our stores!  Regionally-roasted in Albany, NY by our trusted partner Tierra Farm, the coffees come to us weekly and are (drumroll) AMAZING! My favorite: Sumatran Blend.

I know some people like a big, deep, strong cup of coffee, but I’m a fan of a more mellow, bright blend and that is why Sumatran Blend speaks to me every morning. Am I the only person who goes to sleep at night happily thinking that in just a few hours I will get up and make coffee? I wake up every morning and zip into the kitchen to go through the delightful daily ritual of the coffee pour-over. Thank you Healthy Living Sumatran Blend for making my morning!