Community Outreach: Yaddo Gardens Volunteer Event

Community Outreach is a huge part of what we do at Healthy Living and Cafe. We try to help as many organizations as we can. Sometimes that means getting our hands dirty, literally. We had an eager group of Healthy Living and Cafe employees who volunteered their time to help weed, rake, and do general clean up in the Yaddo Gardens. Thank you to Jen, Adam, Marta, Melissa, Steven, Lynda and Trisha!


This was our first of many volunteer events here at HLNY. Our efforts were truly appreciated by the Yaddo Garden Association. This amazing group of men and woman is an all-volunteer organization that maintains the beautiful rose gardens on the Yaddo grounds.

Vera Weiss, bottom left in green shirt, from Yaddo sent us this nice note.

Dear Super Healthy Living Yaddo Volunteers,

The day started out rainy and dreary but when you all showed up at the
Yaddo Gardens to help us out, you brightened our day and did so much
for us!! You all worked so hard even though it was hot and humid.

We SO appreciated your help on Saturday and LOVE the great partnership
we have formed with you. Thank you again!!


Vera Weiss
Yaddo Garden Association