Cooking with the Masters: Recipes from Great American Chefs

In our next 5-part series, “Cooking with the Masters: Recipes from Great American Chefs”, Bronwyn Dunne will teach some of the classic recipes from a few of America’s greatest chefs, such as Julia Child, James Beard and Evan Jones. As the daughter of food-writers, she was always in the kitchen and picked up many tips and cooking tricks along the way, which she will be sure to share with class participants as well.

These are the chefs and recipes Bronwyn will feature:
June 18: Julia Child: Boeuf Bourguignon
June 25: The Great James Beard: Baked Salmon
July 2: The Real Fanny Farmer – Marion Cunningham: Chicken with Feather Dumplings
July 9: Evan Jones: American Food Like No Other
July 16: Judith Jones: Simplified Lamb Curry

These classes take place every Friday evening from June 18-July 16. Classes run for 2 hours with lots of interaction and tasting!

This five-part class series costs $135 and space is limited. To reserve your place, Register Here or give us a call at Healthy Living, 802.863.2569 ext 1.

Individual class sessions are available for registration on and after June 13 for $30/session.