Cool Down with Books for Summer

Looking for a way to keep cool during the summer? Come to Healthy Living and peruse our selection of books that include recipes for refreshing beverages! We’ve got books on everything from fresh juices, to smoothies, to ice pops & so much more. The following books are a great place to start if you’re searching  for simple concoctions to help you cool down in the heat:


Superfood Smoothies

by Julie Morris

Morris, who is also the author of Superfood Kitchen, outlines how to prepare smoothies that provide a wide range of nutritional benefits. This beautiful book includes smoothie recipes, a list of essential superfoods to include (and the health benefits they provide), and a comprehensive section of charts, guides, and resources to help you create your own smoothie blends.















The Big Book of Juices:

More Than 400 Natural Blends For Health and Vitality Every Day

by Natalie Savona

This book contains everything you could ever want to know about juicing! Broken down into sections such as: Juicing Basics, Making Juices, Making Smoothies, Making Quenchers (drinks with frozen fruit & ice), and a Juicing Reference section that includes charts & juices for specific ailments. A comprehensive guide that no juice enthusiast should be without.


Homemade Soda

by Andrew Schloss

A whimsical guide to all things carbonated: sparkling waters; fruit sodas; root beers & cola brews; herbal sodas & healing waters; fizzy juices; sparkling teas, coffees, & chocolates; cream sodas & floats; shrubs & switchels; and even recipes for soda food!


Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice, & Aguas Frescas

by Fany Gerson

What are Paletas you might ask? The introduction to this book explains that, “The word paleta derives from palo, meaning ‘stick,’ a reference to how they’re made and eaten. They’re essentially ice pops: delicious flavored liquids, frozen with a stick to hold as you eat them. Paletas come in countless flavors and are made from an enormous variety of fruits, nuts, and other ingredients, including spices and even flowers.”

In short, Paletas are the perfect summer treat!