Crabbie’s Tasting Saturday August 24th, 1pm-3pm

crabbiesLooking for a new favorite ‘anytime’ beverage? Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer has everything you’re looking for in a refreshing glass of Summer deliciousness. Made with only four ‘top secret’ ingredients, this ginger beer hails from Scotland. Originally founded in 1801 in the ancient Scottish port of Leith, the demand for Crabbie’s has stretch across the globe, and now finally to the United States! Made with steeped ginger imported from the Far East (as is their tradition!), it’s best enjoyed “over ice, with a slice!” Lemon or lime? You decide!

Not familiar with Crabbie’s and want to try it? Love it and can’t get enough? Just plain parched? Stop by our Demo Center from 1pm to 3pm this Saturday, August 24th where we will have a representative of Crabbie’s pouring samples of their Original, and fabulous, Ginger Beer! You may not be able to taste it in it, but it does contain alcohol, so everyone 21+ please bring a valid form of photo ID with you. Hope to see you there!