CURATED BY KATY – All kinds of gift ideas for all kinds of people

From the kids to the cousins, we’ve got a special something for everyone on your list.

Finding the perfect present for everyone on your list can be tough! I’m hoping to make it more of a JOY. Here are some of my favorites.


The one who knows warmth and relaxation is a good thing. 

  1. Holiday Froth Bomb Cards by purpose-driven Pacha Soap Co. Each bar is made with soothing essential oils, honey, and Epsom salts for an ultra-comforting soak. 
  2. Enhance any menorah (or experience!) with a Good Light Chanukah Candle. Both colors are plant-based and paraffin-free. 
  3. Highly rated Daou Cabernet Sauvignon with lingering notes of plum and blackberry. 
  4. Our very own sticky buns smothered in a pecan caramel.


That special someone who is excessively fond of all things chocolate—in the very best way. 

  1. Vermont’s own Lake Champlain has been combining creativity and craftsmanship from their very first truffle in 1983. 
  2. Unreal Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bars: the all-natural treats without all the sugar. 
  3. Hu Almond Butter Crunch Milk Chocolate Bar made from organic, grass-fed milk. 
  4. Evolved Oatmeal Cookie Dough “Mylk” Chocolate Bar with vegan, edible cookie dough. 
  5. Peppermint bark created in-house by our talented chefs with layers of semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate. 


Everyone knows someone who lives life on the spicy side. 

  1. Sugar Bob’s Vermont Maple Sriracha with the state’s finest maple syrup, peppers, and garlic. 
  2. Ingredients are everything to us (and to Bachan’s!) the original Japanese barbecue sauce. 
  3. Fly by Jing Sichuan chili crisp. It adds spice and umami to everything, including ice cream!
  4. Add heat—and billions of probiotics—with Mother-in-Law’s Artisanal Kimchi.
  5. After all the spice, add some sugar for those burning lips. Choose from Badger Peppermint, Orange Spice, or Cinnamon Swirl


Cross all the coffee and tea lovers off your list with these ideas.

  1. The Aerolatte French Press for a strong, flavorful brew that’s made by hand, not by machine.
  2. Vermont Coffee Company Organics’ Dark Roast. This local favorite is a whole bean signature.
  3. HopTea’s sparkling, whole-leaf black tea for some bubbly to make things bright. 
  4. Our holiday assortment of cookies: macaroons, meringues, and more—all GF!*


Saucy, and straight from Italy, all the pasta goodness has arrived. 

  1. Rustichella d’Abruzzo Bucatini Pasta is crafted with durum wheat semolina in Abruzzo, Italy.
  2. Graza Sizzle and Drizzle Extra-Virgin Olive Oils are good enough for the most discerning chef and come in a fun, squeezy bottle.
  3. Carbone Classic Marinara Sauce is from the world’s best-tasting tomatoes, grown in volcanic ash, and picked by hand in Italy.
  4. Top any dish with 100% Vegan Violife Parmesan to make it even more delicious. 


You can never have too many little gifts to open. 

  1. Badger Holiday Lip Balms come in three-packs so they can be stashed in a purse, in the car, or on the bedside table.
  2. Amazing-smelling Pacha soaps—choose from balsam, peppermint twist, starry night, or sugar and spice.
  3. Down to Earth reusable tote bags—because … groceries!
  4. Bee’s Wrap, the environmentally responsible alternative to disposable wraps.

If you’re still feeling stuck, a gift card is always a great option! Or, if you need extra help with the right combo for that special someone, just ask us. We always love to help our guests here at Healthy Living. 

The best of everything to everyone,


*Not a certified gluten-free facility, may contain traces of gluten