Customer Spotlight: Meet Liz and Clay!

Elizabeth and Clayton Squires are a married couple who live in Winooski, Vermont and have been loyal and beloved customers at Healthy Living going on about a year and half now. If you knew them as well as we do, you’d have a pretty good understanding about how much eating well means to them just as it does to us. An increasingly large number of staff at Healthy Living are well acquainted with Liz and Clay all over the store, but because of the Produce Department’s entrance location we tend to get the first scoop on what’s for dinner. Upon their last visit, we curiously asked them what keeps them coming back to Healthy Living and what sort of things set our produce department apart from the others. Here are just a few of the things they mentioned:
 – Organization and display! We love the way everything is beautifully laid out and seasonally highlighted.
 – Both the quality and quantity of fresh local produce, which plays a huge roll in how organically and locally we shop.
 – The greens case always has such an diverse selection of leafy greens, we eat a lot of salads and it’s nice to be able to make things from scratch without depending on too many pre-packed things.
 – Friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always there to help. Even pros like us have questions!
Of course, Liz and Clay also really appreciate our ability to carry some of their favorite specialty items. Having both come from culinarily rich backgrounds living most of their lives in a predominately Cuban inspired Florida, they really appreciate the quality of our citrus fruits and items like plantains and coconuts.
Naturally, our favorite question to ask anyone is “what’s for dinner”? Last time we saw these two, they were on a mission for an Asian inspired salad, which included fresh Mizuna Greens from Pete’s Greens (Craftsubury, VT), Asian pears, and Asian marinated skirt steak from our meat department. There was also talk of a homemade sesame vinaigrette.. for the win!
Lets be friends! Like Liz and Clay we encourage anyone and everyone to come in, say hello, and tell us what’s for dinner. See you soon!