Cutting A Pineapple Demystified!

Fresh pineapple is delicious! It also has some amazing health benefits. Pineapple has higher amounts of potassium and lower amounts of sodium that help maintain normal blood pressure levels. It also is a great source of bromelain, vitamin C, and dietary fiber which promotes digestion.  Here is a demonstration of how to cut a fresh pineapple.

Materials needed:  A fresh Pineapple, a Sharp knife, and a cutting board (Note: Please Follow Knife Safety Guidelines).



Begin by laying the pineapple down on its side on the cutting board. Cut off the top and then the bottom of the pineapple.


Set it back up straight and slowly slice down along the skin one section at a time until the whole skin is removed. Be sure to get all of the skin while removing as little of the fruit as possible.



Looking down at the top of the pineapple, locate the core. It’s easy to see. Cut the pineapple around the core in four equal sections,


Finally, take the large sections, cut them into smaller chunks and…enjoy! Pick up a fresh pineapple from our Produce Department today!