Demo: Swiss Chard Torta

Swiss Chard Torta

Lately I have noticed the large, lush, glossy green chard bunches in the produce department and decided to feature them in a Swiss Chard Torta . I have limited experience with chard; I’ve always been much more drawn to spinach and kale but decided it was time to branch out. This chard-packed baked dish is a great way to use those jumbo chard bunches or flourishing chard from your garden. The torta is basically a quiche without a crust and without much cheese which makes it easier to prepare and more healthful as the richness of butter in the crust and cheese holding it all together in a quiche is eliminated.  The recipe calls for dried porcini mushrooms which definitely add a distinctive taste, but any mushroom, fresh or dried, would work as well. While the mushrooms are soaking, the chard gets steamed, onions and garlic sauteed, and combined with the rest of the ingredients, poured into a buttered and crumbed baking dish and baked for a half hour.  This is a nice dish to bring along to a potluck supper or picnic as it is delicious at room temperature as well as warm.  It also would be great as a side dish with fish or chicken or as a main course with a big salad. 

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Happy Cooking!

Gerda, Demo Coordinator