Dogfish Head ‘Punkin’ Is Here!!


Let’s face it; Fall is here and it’s in full swing. The weather is cooling down, the kids are back to school, and the pumpkins are just delightfully ripe and plump for the picking. We think the best part about Fall is remembering what great Fall beers and ciders are in store for us in the next few months to follow! One of the first to come to mind is Dogfish Head’s fabulously famous, Fall seasonal: ‘Punkin!’ Punkin is a full-bodied brown ale that is actually made from real pumpkins! How could they possibly sweeten the deal even more? Why, by adding brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, of course!

Rated by ‘The Bros’ on Beer Advocate as a 91 (outstanding) ale, Punkin boast aromas of yeast, pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon, which will instantly take you back to waking up to the smell grandma’s freshly baked pumpkin pie! Though the aroma is sweet and enticing, it becomes more of a savory pumpkin flavor, with added spices, once it hits the palate. Clean, refreshing, and ‘season-sational’, this is an ale that will warm your body as well as your soul; a true Fall classic!

As it does roll with the seasons, it wont be available for long. So stop by Healthy Living Saratoga and get your fix on one of the best pumpkin ales around! Available in the cooler and un-chilled, if you do so desire, in 4-packs for $8.99 each!

Plus, with a name like ‘Punkin’, how can you resist?

Dogfish Head Punkin Flash