Dreaming Tree Wines


“Hey, my love, you came to me like wine comes to the mouth grown tired of water.

You quench my heart.

And love, you quench my mind.”

-Dave Matthews Band-

It’s exactly 1 week away from the Dave Matthews Band opening performance at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and Divine Wines has brought in two of his fabulous wines that he has worked on with co-winemaker and friend, Steve Reeder.

2010 Dreaming Tree “Crush”

A blended (predominantly Merlot and Syrah), fruit-forward red wine with floral notes and raspberry jam

2012 Dreaming Tree “Everyday White”

A blended (predominantly Gewürztraminer and Riesling), aromatic white wine with fresh floral and ripe honeysuckle notes

What we love at Divine Wines is that not only do they make delicious wine, but they’re conscious about their impact on the environment as well!

1) Bottles are lightweight and manufactured with clean-burning natural gas

2) Labels are made from 100% recycled paper

3) They get their natural corks from sustainable farms

4) They print in black ink – which means reduced toxins, heavy metals and no bleaching

Come support Dave by picking up a bottle today (or 12) today!