Our Top 10 HL Favorites: DuBrul Family Edition

We are a Healthy Living family. Ask me what binds our family more than anything, how we have created many of our best memories, and I will tell you: food. We are four foodies.

We have been shopping at Healthy Living since the beginning. I remember being so excited when the new store opened up. My kids have grown up at Healthy Living. We have all taken cooking classes in the kitchen classroom, and have our favorite foods and products that we consistently buy at Healthy Living. For my first tastemaker post I wanted to share our family favorites with a top ten list!

DuBrul Family Top 10:

Our resident chef Rowan, 19, had a hard time narrowing down her top choices, but she’s got the first three.

1.) Perfect Bar- all flavors, but especially Cranberry Crunch flavor! Found in the refrigerated case near the café.
2.) Health-Ade Kombucha- especially the Pink Lady Apple Flavor
3.) Sushi- It was a happy day when fresh sushi made on-site appeared at Healthy Living!

I love all of the food at the store, and I also have several favorite products that I consistently buy over and over again, so I am taking the next three.

4.) Essentia Water– I buy a big box full every week and it gets me through workouts and keeps my stomach happy with it’s high PH.
5.) Doe’s Leap Maple Kefir– every day. A HL employee turned me on to kefir many years ago when I was fighting off a cold. I love that it’s made in Vermont, too, and goats milk is easier to digest.
6.) Pearls Probiotic Complete- this product helped me heal from intense acid reflux years ago and I will always take it to keep my digestive system healthy.

The boys have some favorites, too:

7.) Healthy Living Cafe’s Guacamole- Joe Joe’s, 14, absolute favorite (and truthfully all of us, or relatives, friends and neighbors, too) is the house-made guacamole. There is no get together at our house that does not include the Healthy Living Guacamole!
8.) Healthy Living Cafe’s House-Made Pesto Tortellini- If we are going out without kids, I know Joe Joe will be happy to stay at home with this favorite.
9.) Healthy Living Cafe’s House-Made Quiche/Chicken Pot Pie/Salad Bar- John loves all of the prepared foods- just like you, we have a busy family life. Bringing home a freshly made chicken pot pie or quiche and salad is very popular. It just makes life easier some nights! Easy and delicious!
10.)Vermont Dog Eats Grain-Free Treats- John gave up his second choice for the dogs who demanded to be heard! Daryl and Carolina can not wait to return from their walk to get their favorite treat- yes they get a treat for walking!- Vermont Dog Eats Grain-Free Pork and Beans flavor is the best treat to them! They love it when I bring home a fresh bag.

As I finish up this post munching on a new product I picked up today- Cassava Crunch Yucca Root Chips (yummy!), I realize I will definitely be writing more posts & lists- so many more things I want to share with everyone!

I’m Kimberly DuBrul, a new tastemaker, but a long time lover of all things Healthy Living. I’m a wife, mom, business owner, worker outer, avid reader, community volunteer, and born and raised Vermonter! Learn more about my work at Your Year of Tranformation.