Eat for Less Challenge!


Last month we invited some local bloggers, media personalities and Healthy Living Taste Makers to our store for a recipe challenge. Each person was given a budget, a time-limit and a goal of creating a delicious spring-inspired meal for their family. It was so much fun, that we’ve decided to open up this challenge to all of our shoppers!

Here’s the deal: you have a budget of $25 to create a delicious, spring-inspired meal for four people using ingredients from Healthy Living. Take photos of your meal and post on social media with a description of the ingredients, the meal and anything else you might want us to know about your experience. Use the hashtag #eatforlesschallenge and tag Healthy Living in your post. You can use “pantry staples” in your dish that don’t need to count towards your budget: oils, vinegars, butter, salt, and pepper. (Don’t forget to shop our great Bulk section, where you can buy as much or as little as you need!)

We’ll be running this contest for the month of May, and the winner will receive a $100 gift card. Enter as many times as you’d like, and post away! Good luck!