Enjoy Gluten Free For Less!


Here at Healthy Living in the Bulk Department we offer a wide variety of bulk commodities ranging from an incredible variety of basic everyday staples to the most exotic of spices.  It is a priority to source local if we can and organic is always a priority for the whole store.  We try to have everything our customers need and want in our wide selection and are of course very open to customer suggestions and bringing in new product.  If we don’t have it we can always special order anything you need, just check in with Customer Service.


Speaking of specialty needs we are very aware of gluten intolerance and the difficulty that brings to the average consumer.  Whether you have full blown celiac disease, are avoiding gluten, or have a slight tolerance issue we here, at Healthy Living, are completely dedicated to sourcing a wide variety of gluten free products in order to best serve our customers needs.   Not only do we have the largest gluten free section in VT, we are also invested in maintaining a committed gluten-free section in our bulk department to ensure our shoppers can get the highest quality gluten free foods at a low and affordable bulk price. We keep this section separate from the rest of our product and even maintain an isolated area for gluten free back stock and container filling in an effort to keep our bins free of gluten contamination. We understand that this is a harder diet to follow than most and we want to help you not only be healthy but give you access to all the best local and organic gluten free foods!

Working with local grain producers, bakeries, and farms we have compiled some of the best gluten free options available in the state into one convenient location, and we here in bulk are very happy to be able to offer such a dedicated gluten free section. While we offer many delicious snacks to get you through your day it is the staple products that allow you to make your own home baked delicious gluten free baked goods.


One of my favorite alternatives to regular flour is Bob’s Red Mill Coconut Flour.  It is delicious, light, and easy alternative to wheat flour.  Made from coconut meat with all the unhealthy fats removed coconut flour is low in carbs and high in fiber making it a perfect choice for those looking to watch their carbs.  While we do have this product available pre-package in our store you will enjoy great saving on this and many great items simply through shopping in bulk. And for those with a coconut allergy or simple those who wish for more variety we carry a non stop variety of amazing flours including  garbanzo, hazelnut, potato, almond, a wide variety of rice flours and even a nicely balanced bread mix.

While we understand that we have a well entrenched, constantly growing gluten free baking community we also like to provide snacks and treats for our customers that may not find themselves in the kitchen so often.  For those on the go snacker’s we offer a wide variety of healthy, local, and fairly priced gluten free snacks.  My personal favorite is Nutty Steph’s variety Silly Yak’s Ginger Bootstrap granola.  Through the simple combination of oats, maple, molasses, oil, and crystallized ginger this amazing all day snack comes together.


Beyond this there are several other types of local granola and even some nice hearty snack mix.  Whether you are watching your intake of  gluten, are simply trying something new or have a serious allergy we here at the Healthy Living’s Bulk department are devoted to taking care of your gluten free needs, so stop on by!