Why is my favorite product not on the shelf?

We totally understand how disappointing it can be when you go to grab a specific item and it’s not there. It’s called “out of stocks” – and we hate it as much as you.

Here are a few reasons “out of stocks” happen:

Manufacturer: If a product is trendy, sometimes companies just can’t keep up with demand. The product must be made, packaged, then shipped to our distributor’s warehouses. It’s a logistical challenge. And if ONE raw ingredient in a product is in short supply – think raw almonds or vanilla bean, which have been notoriously hard to get in the past few years – it grinds everything to a halt.
Distributor: Sometimes your favorite product is sitting on the loading dock of the manufacturer, but there are no trucks to pick it up. Crazy, right? Would it surprise you to know that there are over 50,000 open truck driver jobs in America? This dramatically affects the speed in getting raw materials and finished goods from place to place and is a significant factor in consumer price increases across all goods. We have always loved and appreciated our truck drivers – it’s right in our Guiding Principles! – but we need more of them. (Hey, if you’re looking for a great paying job, maybe consider being a truck driver!)

In-store: This comes down to us, and we recognize that sometimes we can’t get the product out on our shelves fast enough. The more people love and shop our stores, the faster we sell out of things, and the more frequently we must restock. We do our very best to keep up, but like most businesses in America right now, we are facing a labor shortage. Unemployment is at an all-time low, which is wonderful, but it does affect the ability for retail outlets like us to keep fully staffed. Also, Healthy Living receives more than 400 deliveries a week from a variety of farms, producers, and distributors. Many grocery stores get one truck a week from a central distribution center.

We recognize that “out of stocks” can affect your shopping experience, but we want you to know that we’re working hard every day to keep our shelves stocked and abundant. We want our Guests to have the best shopping experience – anywhere! If you have additional questions, please reach out directly to myself at eli@healthylivingmarket.com or our Director of Purchasing Paul at paulh@healthylivingmarket.com. Thanks so much for your support!