Family Meal Planning and Grocery Store Tours


If “what’s for dinner?” followed by “UGH, but I don’t like that” is commonly uttered in your household, then continue reading!

Come mealtime, it can be difficult to appease every family member’s likes and dislikes. Not only is it difficult, but also chances are it’s quite frustrating! It can become even more challenging if you have picky eaters, food allergies, or other obstacles within your family. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just snap your fingers and have a whole bunch of quick and easy meal ideas that you’re sure all of your family members would enjoy? Well lucky for you, all it takes is a quick phone call or email to get going on that process.

One of my favorite jobs as the in-store nutritionist here at Healthy Living and Café, is running the ‘learn by tasting’ grocery store tours. Grab your family and join me in touring the store, tasting foods and discussing their nutritional benefits, preparation techniques, and fun recipes to test out. You’d be amazed at what kids (and even parents) are willing to try on these tours! And, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to walk around the store and pull things off the shelf and slice, dice, and bite into them?? The store tours are a great opportunity for families to learn about healthy eating and to try new foods, and a perfect way for me to gain a better understanding of your family’s likes and dislikes. And if it doesn’t already sound awesome enough, these sessions are covered by most insurance plans.

If you’re interested in scheduling a private store tour for yourself and/or your family either email Victoria at or call and leave a message at 802-999-9207.

Remember that we also host a group based store tour the second Wednesday of the month. Keep your eye on the calendar for June’s tour!