Farm Feature: Queen City Acres

Queen City Acres is not your typical farm. They’re using an urban agriculture model where they reclaim residential space to use for agriculture. Currently we have mixed microgreens and pea shoots from Queen City Acres, and hope to add to the variety as the growing season gets underway. We asked Ethan, owner and farmer, to share his experience farming. See his response below.

What is farming (to me)?

Farming is connection to this place called home, the people sharing it, and our time in history. Farming is a smile, a hug, and a fist bump. Farming is a purpose bigger than my own and a story longer than this lifetime. Farming is a challenge worthy of all the mind has to offer and the simple reward of the creative spirit. Farming is adventure in the service of others and a journey with a destination always over the next hill. Farming is the cultivation of self beside the cultivation of soil. Farming is the desire of many channeled through the hands of few. Farming is the responsibility asked when freedom is granted. Farming is the love of having fun and the fun of being love. Farming is the scent of Earth and the sounds of stillness. Farming is my choice, my path, and my JAM.