Featured Cheese: Cambozola

One of the things we love most about cheese is its importance to so many cultures all around the world; the geographical range and flavor diversity of cheese is, at times, astonishing.  It’s our pleasure to provide a wide array of cheeses from all around the world, and this month, we’re featuring one particular cheese which combines a French classic (Camembert) with an Italian standard (Gorgonzola) in a German-made delicacy.  Cambozola, crafted by Kaserei Champignon in Germany, is a gorgeously delectable option for those looking for a soft-ripened cheese with a little punch, or alternatively, for a very mild blue cheese.  This triple-cream wonder is full of luscious Bavarian pasteurized cow’s milk and cream and has just enough blue veins to cut the richness of the cheese while still remaining subdued.  Try adding Cambozola for a delightful twist to sandwiches, sauces, and salads.  Or, keep it simple by slathering it onto a crusty bread, topping it with sliced pears, and savoring the balance of flavors with a Port or Pinot Noir.