Featured Cheese of The Week: Alpha Tolman


This week, we’re highlighting the newcomer from one of our state’s most popular cheesemakers: Alpha Tolman from Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, VT.  Named for one of the town’s early philanthropists, Mr. Alpha Tolman, this latest addition to the Jasper Hill line-up is very different from its cellar mates, being a raw cows’ milk alpine-style cheese with a washed rind.  The washing, which occurs during its 8-11 months of aging, shows up as a pretty, salmon-toned exterior and provides that portion of the cheese with just a minor funkiness and an ever-so-slightly gritty texture (think of a Swiss or French Raclette).  On the interior, the paste is elastic and semi-soft and has a milky, mildly nutty and fruity flavor (think of the Swiss Appenzeller or a young Gruyere).  As you
can see, Alpha Tolman is readily comparable to those Alpine classics in style and flavor, and as such, it makes for a strong addition to a Vermont-centric fondue or served melted over local fingerling potatoes.   Of course, you can also enjoy it paired simply with a fruity red wine or hard cider.