Featured Cheese of the Week: Bijou


Based in Websterville,VT, the Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery has become a true success story for locally-made artisan cheese, and while we love everything they have to offer, we’re delighted to feature their little cheese gems called Bijou this week.  “Bijou” in fact means “jewel” and this name is perfect considering the care which is put into their creation as well as their high value and quality.  Made with fresh pasteurized goat’s milk, these crottin-style cheeses develop a thin, moist geotrichum rind which surrounds a creamy and dense center, bursting with sweet, tangy, and yeasty flavors.  These little buttons of rich, goat-y joy are surprisingly versatile, being delicious enough to enjoy at room temperature on a cheese plate with some fruit, but are equally exquisite when heated: try toasting it on a baguette, adding it to pasta primavera, or topping off a salad of bitter greens with broiled Bijou.  Enjoy with young white wines or sparkling wines and bon appétit!