Featured Cheese of the Week: Cave Aged Clothbound Cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese Company


This week, we’ve chosen to feature a cheese which we’ve only recently starting carrying and which has been long-awaited by many local cheddar fans: Grafton Village Cheese’s Clothbound Cheddar!  Made since 2010 in the same way as their other aged cheddars, this cheese is hand-crafted from raw Jersey cow’s milk which is sourced from several small family farms in southern Vermont.  Yet unlike their other cheeses, these ones are wrapped in cloth and aged in the company’s own aging caves for at least six months- a method of producing cheddars which is very common in England, where this type of cheese originates, but not so widely done here in the U.S.  We’re lucky to have a couple locally-made clothbound cheddars available to us, and what sets GraftonVillage’s apart from the others is its mild and accessible flavor with predominantly earthy and mushroom-y notes.  We think you’ll really enjoy its flavor and its classic creamy-yet-crumbly texture.  We also think you’ll like knowing that Grafton Village Cheese is a member of the Windham Foundation (www.windham-foundation.org), and as such, every purchase of this fine clothbound cheddar helps support their mission of promoting rural Vermont communities.  Try this newcomer today!