Featured Cheese of The Week: Coomersdale


Wishing to keep the focus on Vermont, we look to its Northeast Kingdom this week to find an exquisite cheese which fits the double whammy of being both local and seasonal: Coomersdale by Bonnieview Farm.  This farmstead raw sheep’s milk cheese comes from Craftsbury Common and is made by the Urie family- and interns- on their fourth-generation dairy farm (converted from cow to sheep by the current owners, Neil and Kristin Urie).  It’s lovingly crafted from the milk of ewes who rotationally graze on the farm and whom are only milked from May-October, meaning we’re (joyously!) still in the beginning part of this cheese’s availability.  Coomersdale is based on a recipe from the Pyrenees and it has a semi-firm consistency like a young Pecorino, but cave-aging it adds a thin, yummy natural rind and a slightly grainy yet smooth paste that’s all its own.  Grassy, nutty, woolly, and earthy flavors combine in this delicious cheese to make it a stand-alone option if you’re looking for a high-quality cheese to savor; otherwise, it pairs magically with sweet items like local honey or maple jelly.  With Coomersdale, we welcome you to the season of local aged sheep cheese!