Featured Cheese of The Week: Cremont


Continuing to love our local cheesemakers, this week we’re featuring a show-stopping cheese made by what could rightly be called a superstar among Vermont cheesemakers: Cremont by Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery, based in Websterville, VT.  Begun by Allison Hooper and Bob Reese in 1984, this operation is a true success story for Vermont artisan cheese as it has grown from small-scale fresh chèvre production to the powerhouse responsible for developing and crafting award-winning cheeses like Cremont.  Made from pasteurized goats’ and cows’ milk sourced from family farms, this soft, double-cream beauty has a flavor, texture, and appearance not to be missed!  Its distinctive wrinkly, cream-colored rind is moist to the point of practically melting into the paste, which itself is buttery, rich, smooth, and somehow intense and fluffy at the same time; “luxury” barely begins to describe Cremont.  Best enjoyed in simple ways, such as paired with a Riesling or amber cider, or try it with crusty bread and something sweet like local honey or fruit preserves.  We recommend you enjoy this luxurious experience today!