Featured Cheese of The Week: Forerunner


Celebrating three years of successful artisan-cheesemaking, Mt. Mansfield Creamery of Morrisville, VT has made a name for itself by producing European-inspired cheeses right in the heart of the Green Mountains.  One of its most popular varieties, a havarti-style cheese called Forerunner, is our featured cheese of the week! Owners and operators Stan Biasini and Debora Wickart make this raw cow’s milk cheese in small batches from their own herd of Brown Swiss and Holstein Cows, and production only occurs a handful of times each week.  Based on the classic Danish cheese, this local variation has a thin, natural rind which has been impressed with their signature basket weave-like mold, and a full-bodied, semi-soft interior sporting a golden color and a salty, sweet, and slightly bitter flavor.  Like its Danish forerunner (get it? get it?), this cheese is delicious for snacking and also melts fantastically, making it an excellent topping for grilled meats and vegetables.  Want to find out more?  You can check out their website at http://www.mtmansfieldcreamery.com/home or stop in at their facility for a tour!