Featured Cheese of The Week: Gore-Dawn-Zola


We’re finishing out the month of October with one more local cheese, and this time, we’re highlighting an established favorite among staff and customers alike: Gore-Dawn-Zola by Green Mountain Blue Cheese in Highgate Center, VT.  Crafted with care by the Boucher family, who’ve been farming in Vermont for centuries, Gore-Dawn-Zola is a raw cows’ milk cheese made in the Gorgonzola style from the family’s own herd of cows.  It’s named with a nod to cheesemaker Dawn Morin-Boucher and the road on which the farm is located, Gore Road.  This cheese is well-balanced, crumbly, complex, and tangy with notes of bittersweet chocolate and mushrooms and a serious punch of that blue funk.  Gorgonzola fans, be advised: this cheese is much firmer and a noticeably milder than its Italian inspiration!  Although delicious all on its own, Gore-Dawn-Zola simply soars when paired with sweet items like caramelized nuts or honey.