Featured Cheese of The Week: Italian Asiago


This week, we’re highlighting an Italian cheese called Asiago.  You’ve most likely heard of it before and have probably enjoyed it shredded over various Italian dishes, often times mixed with other Italian cheeses.  But did you know we offer Asiago- specifically, Asiago d’Allevo- in freshly-wrapped blocks?  We do this because this semi-firm raw cow’s milk cheese is absolutely delicious by the piece as well as shredded, shaved, or grated.  Made near the town of Asiago in the Vicenzaand Trento provinces of Italy, this name-protected cheese begins as skimmed milk from cows which graze in the high alpine pastures and is aged at least three months.  It has a pale straw-colored interior with a pleasantly granular and not-too-dry texture, and the flavor is bright, mild, a little acidic, and reminiscent of Parmigiano-Reggiano in being sweet and fruity.  Try letting it come to room temperature and then cutting it into pieces to enjoy alongside some nuts and honey; or, shave thin slices off and pair it up with some figs and your favorite Italian aged meat.  Of course, you can also use it to top off soups, pastas, and salads for a classic and tasty meal!