Featured Cheese of The Week: Limburger


Is there a cheese out there more notorious than Limburger?  We don’t know about you, but we haven’t discovered any other cheese that elicits such staunch refusals when it comes to tasting.  Yet Limburger is incredibly, albeit surprisingly, delicious!  Originally a Belgian Trappist creation in the early 1800’s, Limburger became so popular that its production spread to Germany, which remains the largest producer today.  Infamous for its pungency- the result of a particular method of washing with brine- the powerfully aromatic rind of this pasteurized cows’ milk cheese is thin and orange-brown in color while its remarkably milder paste is much paler and luxuriously soft and spreadable.  If you can get past the smell (or just cut the rind off), you’ll find the flavor of the cheese is salty, a little spicy, and just a tad sweet.  Limburger is always recommended paired with other strong-flavored foods such as rye breads with onions and pickles and a good strong Belgian beer or German Reisling.  Go ahead, surprise yourself and give this king of stinky cheeses a try!