Featured Cheese of The Week: Middlebury Blue


As we continue to share the love of our local cheesemakers, we come to the most recent offering by a well-known and respected local farm: Middlebury Blue by Blue Ledge Farm in Leicester,VT.  Hand-crafted from raw Ayrshire cow’s milk sourced just down the road and aged at least sixty days, Middlebury Blue is distinctly creamy and begins with mild grassy and fruity notes which transition over time to an earthy goodness.  It also has a powerful blue zing at first bite which mellows quickly into a very subtle blue haze, making this a very accessible blue cheese.  We recommend using it in crispy fresh vegetable salads, either mixed with a dressing or crumbled in, as the cheese’s creaminess will contrast superbly.  Or, sweeten it up with local fruit spreads or maple syrup and slather it onto hearty, malty bread.  Try some today and see why this relative newcomer is already one of our most popular blue cheeses!