Featured Cheese of The Week: Mt. Alice


This week, we welcome the beginning of a new month with the celebration of a relatively new local cheese: Mt. Alice by Von Trapp Farmstead in Waitsfield, VT!  Loyal followers might be saying, “Wait a second. Didn’t you just highlight this same farm a couple weeks ago?  What gives?”  Well, yes, we did showcase one of Sebastian and Dan’s delicious cheeses recently, but we just couldn’t wait to tell you about this one!  Mt. Alice- named for a nearby peak in the Green Mountains- is a charming little Camembert-style cheese made by hand from the family’s own organic pasteurized cows’ milk.  It has a bright white bloomy rind, a flat shape, and a refreshingly complex flavor profile; milky, herbal, grassy, and a tinge salty, Mt. Alice has quickly become one of our department’s go-to choices for a locally-made bloomy rind cheese. We love it because it’s elegant and yet very approachable, and of course, extremely tasty.  One taste and you’ll see what we mean!