Featured Cheese of The Week: Neighborly Farms Feta


Vermont cheesemakers often turn to Europe for inspiration and basic recipes, and this week we’re highlighting a very recognizable Greek-style cheese made by a very popular local cheesemaker: Feta crafted by Neighborly Farms of Randolph Center, VT.  Farm owners Rob and Linda Dimmick believe strongly in being neighborly (hence the name), and see running a certified-organic farm where the animals and land are loved and cared for as part of that commitment.  Their Feta is just one product of this neighborly lifestyle and it’s unique in being made from pasteurized organic Holstein cow’s milk instead of the customary sheep’s milk, which results in a milder, and therefore more versatile, flavor.  It’s terrifically salty and quite firm, lending itself easily to snacking or cooking; this cheese makes a tasty addition to any classic Greek dish, but we also recommend it teamed up with juicy watermelon and fresh mint for a sweet-salty delight, or crumbled over grilled bread with some caramelized onions and black pepper.  It also adds a nice touch to cold pasta salads.  Overall, it’s a fantastic cheese for summer!