Featured Cheese of The Week: Oma


This week, we continue to bestow our love and affection on local cheesemakers, and we’re turning to a successful Vermont cheese partnership between the von Trapp Farmstead (yes, those von Trapp’s) in Waitsfield,VT and the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Greensboro,VT.  Two sets of brothers- Sebastian & Dan von Trapp and Andy & Mateo Kehler- are responsible for bringing Oma, a wonderful raw cow’s milk washed rind cheese, to fruition and we’re so glad they do!  Sebastian and Dan starting making cheese as a way to revitalize their family farm and named their first cheese Oma, which means “grandmother” in German, after their grandmother, Erica von Trapp.  Starting off with their herd’s raw, organic milk, the brothers hand-craft the wheels and get the young cheeses just right before shipping them off to be washed and aged in Jasper Hill’s caves.  While aging, the flavor of the cheese blossoms, becoming both sweet and only mildly pungent at the same time.  The end result is a lovely pinky-orange, semi-soft, supple cheese with earthy, chestnut-y, farmy, and sweet cream-y flavors.  We agree with the description given by the Cellars at Jasper Hill, which calls it “intriguing yet approachable”, and if you’re intrigued, we think you should try it today!