Featured Cheese of The Week: Riley’s Coat


We’re delighted to continue featuring local cheeses and this week, we’re heading down to Salisbury, VT to take a look at a cheese called Riley’s Coat by one of our favorite sustainability-minded cheesemakers, Blue Ledge Farm.  Named in honor of a beloved herding dog, this farmstead cheese is made from raw goats’ milk collected from Greg Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions’ herd of Alpine and La Mancha goats, who spend most of their days foraging and browsing in the farm’s pasture and woodlands.  Aged a minimum of three months before sale, its flavor is rather gentle with earthy notes and just the right amount of tang, and its semi-firm consistency is smooth in texture.  Riley’s Coat is superb for cutting up or grating and makes a nice alternative to the standard Italian grating cheeses, or team this cheese up with a Rosé or a dark, malty beer if you’re looking to keep it simple!