Featured Cheese of The Week: Summer Snow


When we hear the question, “What’s your favorite cheese?” it’s practically impossible for us to come up with a quick answer; there are simply too many amazing options and we love so many!  This year, however, we CAN answer the question, “What’s Vermont’s favorite cheese?”  That answer: Summer Snow by Woodcock Farm in Weston,VT.  Winner of the first ever People’s Choice Award at this year’s Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival, Summer Snow is a luscious soft-ripened cheese made by Mark and Gari Fischer exclusively from their Freisan sheep- a breed known in the cheesemaking world for their high quality milk.  Available only during the peak summer months (that’s right: you should stop in soon!), this pasteurized little lovely is cool, unctuous, and unbelievably buttery with a mild, slightly mushroom-y, and pliable bloomy rind and a creamy, dense center full of sweet, herbal, and lemony flavors.  The Fischers’ sheep are raised on organic pastures, making for a healthy and diversified diet and resulting in a rich, wonderful cheese!  Try pairing it with a Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc and see why Vermont has decided Summer Snow is as good as it gets!