Fishmonger Tales


As we do every day, we were checking out the available catch from our super amazing sourcing partners, when an item on Sea to Table’s list caught our eyes; salmon collars! A thought struck— we are filleting these amazing fish in house, we’ve got to offer folks this nifty, easy-to-cook cut. Without further delay: fishmonger cuts! Featuring collars, bellies, and, of course, cheeks of the larger species we bring in! This week, we are l-o-v-i-n-g collars: they are such an easy, delicious meal. They’re fattier – lotsa flavor – and work great in stews, on the grill, seared, broiled, roasted– can I keep going? Come on in today and snag a few and impress your family and friends in no time.

-HL Seafood