Many Vermont farmers are experiencing devastating effects from the flooding and washed out roads in the wake of Hurricane Irene. The heavy rains accompanied by high winds are leaving farmers with flooded fields and barns, debris.

Our Farmers that were Affected:

Adams Berry Farm

Arethusa Farm

Diggers Mirth Farm

Half Pint Farm

Jericho Settlers Farm

New Farms for New Americans

Pete’s Greens

Riverberry Farm

Vermont Herb & Salad Co.

Westminster Organics

Please help these affected farmers by buying their products and check out the funds and support events below.

None of the products we supply at Healthy Living have been affected by flood water!  All crops were harvested before the floods came through or are from unaffected fields.

It’s a familiar story for Intervale farmers, whose fertile soil comes from living on a floodplain.  For as long as there have been farms in the fertile floodplain, which skirts the Winooski River, farmers have had to deal with flooded fields and destroyed crops. But this season has been especially hard on the Intervale farmers with so many Spring floods that knocked out most early plantings.  The Intervale farmers all had a late start to the season and were finally getting back on track when Irene came charging through.

Just after sunrise, less than 24 hours after Tropical Storm Irene barreled down on Vermont, Intervale farmers were out in the fields racing to save their crops. With plastic totes and wooden bins in hand, the farmers and a number of volunteers harvested what was left to harvest before the water from the nearby river and surrounding wetlands submerged their fields.

An excerpt from Half Pint Farm blog:  “While we were madly harvesting sweet peppers, we kept glancing at the area that normally floods first on our farm  no water creeping up yet, so feeling like we still had time, we kept harvesting.  Instead of the normal 12 hour window that we normally have when Montpelier floods, it was greatly reduced and unexpected; around 9:30 am, Spencer looked behind him, and said, “We are out of time!” The water was filling our swale field faster than we’ve ever seen it, coming from a completely different direction than ever before, underscoring the fact that this was not a normal flood after all, but a flash flood… With all of our produce safely in cool storage, there was nothing to do but watch the water rise and speculate.”

For the full story go to:  http://halfpintfarm.com/blog/sixth-flood-2011/

If you would like to support the farmers affected by Hurricane Irene please see some of the programs and benefits  below:

Intervale Recory Fund – The fund will be used by farmers to compensate for crop losses and equipment damage. To make a tax-deductible donation, please donate online at www.intervale.org. After you choose the amount you’d like to give, you can designate your contribution to the “Intervale Center Farmers Recovery Fund.” 

Vermont Farm Fund- The Vermont Farm Fund Initiates Emergency Loans for Farms Affected by Hurricane Irene  “We know these loans are modest in light of the overwhelming need,” said Pete Johnson, owner of Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, “but we want to help as many farms as we can by giving a quick, zero interest loan that can give some relief. Pete’s Greens has paid forward $40,000 of the donations we received into the VFF and we are hoping that donations and fundraisers will quickly grow the fund. We believe the Vermont Farm Fund can grow into a significant resource that can help Vermont farmers in times of need for years to come.”To make a tax deductible donation, please visit hardwickagriculture.org/donate.html

To apply for a loan from the VFF, please visit hardwickagriculture.org/programs.html

On Sunday, September 11th there is a disaster relief fund benefit concert going on at Nectars from 2pm on. There is a suggested donation of $15 admission. You can purchase tickets through this site: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/63135/tfly  100% of the proceeds will benefit The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund. Expenditures from the fund will be used 100% for the unmet long term needs of the survivors from the Irene disaster. For more info or to donate online, go to http://www.vermont211.org