Fresh and Flavorful NEW Finds from HL!

Add a taste of YUM to your summer fun. 

Trace Minerals ZeroLyte Packets

Did you know sodium is essential for nerve and muscle function? A fresh food, low-carb diet (especially if you’re an active person) is great, but may not be giving you the salt you need. That’s where Trace Minerals comes in! Refreshing flavors like Salty Watermelon and Salty Citrus can help control blood pressure and volume.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Butterfly Bakery Taco Vibes Hot Sauce

We’re here for the Taco Vibes Only! Featured on the show “Hot Ones,” this is Butterfly Bakery’s SPICIEST flavor yet. It’s a vibrant, painfully joyous hot sauce that brings those tasty taco vibes right to your family table. Pour the excruciating perfection on tacos, chicken wings, dips, and more.

Zack’s Mighty New Nacho Tortilla Chips

A new tortilla chip flavor just dropped! The same Zack’s Mighty chips you love—but with spicy, smoky, Nacho-y deliciousness. Warning: You might not be able to put the bag down once you open it. Equipped to dip & made with regeneratively farmed corn, snag a bag (or two) this week! 

Chelsea Approved GF & Vegan Baking Mixes

Delicious, gluten-free baking just got easier! Chelsea Approved offers a lineup of convenient mixes, all made with buckwheat flour and 100% vegan. Just add a few ingredients, pop them into the oven or on the griddle, and enjoy a tasty treat with confidence.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Aiolis

Add a squeeze of flavor to your summer! Terrapin Ridge Farms’ Specialty Aiolis are ready to amplify your next cookout. Check out their lineup of tasty, gluten-free garnishes that pair perfectly with meats, tofu, fries, and … well … basically everything!