Fresh Filtered Water…No Plastic, Please!

Have you been looking for an alternative to the plastic pitchers in your fridge? Want a fresh, tasty water with a high mineral content that doesn’t come in a bottle from halfway across the world? Then you’re in luck because Healthy Living is now carrying the Kishu filter…it’s the world’s first entirely plastic-less water filtration system!

lifefactory, kishu, charcoal, water, BPA-Free, glass
Kishu + Glass = Plastic-Free Filtration!


Functionality is the most important part of a water filter; this one packs a big punch in a little package. It’s almost TOO easy to use…simply drop in water, wait a while, and drink up! The charcoal sucks up all the gunk in your water while imparting trace minerals that make it taste better and do more for you.  There are different sizes of filters for different sizes of vessels; you can get a little one for your water bottle or a bigger one for home use. It doesn’t take long- a few hours for a full jug and just 60 minutes for your bottle- to get water that’s been purged of toxins (like chlorine, copper, mercury, lead, and cadmium) and imparted with beneficial minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphates).

kishu, filter, charcoal
the Kishu, in all its Carbonized Glory

Not only are these little guys easily portable and fantastically functional, they’re made traditionally and sustainably. The process is extremely particular; it starts with holm oak and a handbuilt kiln. After laying the branches in a time-tested pattern, the kiln is removed of oxygen and slowly heated to exactly 1000 degrees F over the course of a few days; this process carbonizes the wood and creates an extremely hard, glassine carbon filter. Everything from the package to the product itself is eco-friendly…even the packaging sleeve is made from wood fibers, so chuck it right in your compost! The Kishu will last about four months and can be reinvigorated with a dip in boiling water. After the Kishu has filtered its last drop, it still sucks up nasty smells…so put it in your stinky shoes and say goodbye to funky feet! It’s a truly multifunctional, sustainable tool to help protect you and your family’s health.

You’ll find the Kishu with our other water filter options in the Produce Department. It’s inexpensive ($10.99 for the larger size) and works beautifully for months! Check out more about Kishu here .