Front End Fundraiser for April 2015: Creative Kidz Cafe

In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, we are proud to have Creative Kidz Cafe as our April 2015 Front End Fundraiser. This organization is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the growing community of children with Autism or other special needs and their families. Creative Kidz Café wishes to engage and inspire creative expression of children on the spectrum through art, craft, yoga, music and movement in a safe environment. They offer a space where our children can truly be themselves and be the fullest expression of who they are. They also offer integrative therapeutic approaches which are rooted in a play relationship between children and practitioner. Creative Kidz Cafe advocates for the creation of a community of families who support each other through the sharing of information, resources and skills. All of the proceeds raised in April at Healthy Living and Cafe will go directly to Creative Kidz Cafe.


Information from their website:

Expression though art, craft, yoga, music and movement. We understand the challenges that children on the spectrum face every day; however we also understand that these children also have unique talents which are waiting to be teased into expression. Communication through language and other conventional methods may not come naturally to children on the spectrum. Art, craft, music and movement allows our children to express their incredible talents and bridge the gaps to more conventional communication strategies. We specialize in the art of “play” in order to encourage the creative expression of our children. Our programs, play and therapies are all about FUN. All activities at the Creative Kidz Café are meant to elicit joy from the children. Using Dr. Greenspans DIR/Floortime play model, children are not forced into situations based on expectations, they are met at their interests with the intent to enter into a two way relationship.

Integrative therapeutic approaches

We have developed in our board of directors, and through partnerships, a variety of integrative therapeutic approaches. Though there are many traditional therapeutic option available, integrative therapeutic approaches are not always readily available. We aspire to fill this need and play a small part in providing options to parents who are putting together customized therapeutic programs for their children.


A safe environment

All facilities which we will provide programs, therapies, events and entertainment will be free of chemicals. We recognize the effects cleaning agents have on our children and will always put priority on the safety of our children. We will always provide a warm and nurturing environment. All therapeutic approaches will be based on play, positive encouragement and a two way communication between child and adult. We recognize the need for a back and forth communication with our special children, we also have much to learn from them.

Building a community

We believe that our families should support each other. We would like to act as a centrally organizing infrastructure which allows families to interact and share ideas and resources. We all have the same goal, to provide a healthy and happy future for our children and families. Families on the spectrum are stretched financially, emotionally, for resources, time, and everything in between. Together we can stand in strength and abundance, sharing and helping each other in an atmosphere built on compassion.

For more information about Creative Kidz Cafe or their programming visit their website!